FREE YOUR MIND: The Misunderstanding of Don Ho II

Cedric Don Ho and Corey Bredenbutter are back in this explosive continuation in The Misunderstanding of Don Ho series. One secret threatens to rip their friendship apart and Cedric and Corey have to learn new definitions of trust, love and understanding.

Cedric has written a book about his escapades and is looking to make it to the top of the bestseller’s list. His journey to publication is tested when Judson Seals gets a hold of some damaging information that could derail his plans for good.

All Corey wants is love from his family and to be treated like a man. But in order for him to become a man, he must face all demons past and present that have every intent to destroy what he has built with his successful restaurant that is a pillar in the community.

As they settle down in their relationship and deal with family, friends and exes that do not want to see them succeed, will they persevere or will they fall by the wayside?

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