Reincarnation What The Fuck I’m supposed to be dead…I think. I can feel my body shaking and convulsing out of control. The temperature is way below zero and I can feel it from the soles of my feet, up my spine, to a big throbbing in my head. Damn, my head hurts. My skin feels […]

  • Where I Wanna Be: The Misunderstanding of Don Ho Finale

    Critically acclaimed author Cedric Quincy brings to the conclusion the controversial series bold enough to give black bisexual men a voice and understanding in today’s culture. Everybody thinks Aurice Evanovich is the bad guy until they get to know him. The emergence of a new flame challenges his thoughts on life and love. An unsolved […]

  • FREE YOUR MIND: The Misunderstanding of Don Ho II

    Cedric Don Ho and Corey Bredenbutter are back in this explosive continuation in The Misunderstanding of Don Ho series. One secret threatens to rip their friendship apart and Cedric and Corey have to learn new definitions of trust, love and understanding. Cedric has written a book about his escapades and is looking to make it […]

  • BLACKBERRY MOLASSES: The Misunderstanding of Don Ho I

    The infamous exotic escort Don Ho slays women and men as he uses his “magic stick” to rock his clients into an erotic filled fantasy. The customers pay high dollar as Don Ho lives to make their wildest dreams come true. But what happens when a friend, an ex-girlfriend and a lover want more from […]